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The National University of Bangladesh maintains a comprehensive notice board that includes various types of notices for students, such as recent notices, exam notices, result notices, and admission notices.

This notice board is a valuable resource for students seeking the latest information regarding their studies, exams, and other academic activities.

The NU Notice Board aims to provide students with easy access to all necessary information in one place, helping them stay updated with their academic requirements and schedules.

What Includes in Notice Board

National University Notice Board includes various categories of information that are commonly communicated in such environments. Here’s a breakdown of each category:

  1. Latest Notice: This section likely contains the most nu recent notice announcements or updates. It could include a wide range of topics, from changes in schedules to important reminders for students or staff.
  2. Admission Notice: Information regarding admissions would be posted here. This could include details about admission deadlines, required documentation, eligibility criteria, and the process for applying to courses or programs offered by the institution.
  3. Examination Notice: This section is dedicated to information about exams. It could include the exam schedule, guidelines for students (like examination rules, necessary materials), details about exam venues, and any changes or updates related to examinations.
  4. Office Order: Office orders are typically official communications or directives from the administration of the institution. This could include information about staff appointments, policy changes, administrative announcements, or other institutional decisions.
  5. News/Press Release: Here, one might find news related to the institution or its members, achievements by students or staff, upcoming projects, collaborations with other institutions, or any other newsworthy events.
  6. Events: This section would cover details about upcoming events such as seminars, workshops, cultural programs, sports events, and other extracurricular activities. Information might include event dates, locations, registration details, and contact information for organizers.

Overall, such a notice board serves as a central point for important communications within an institution, ensuring that everyone is informed about relevant activities, changes, and opportunities.

National University Notice Board

01A notification regarding the application for re-evaluation of answer scripts for Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) Part-4, 8th Semester Examination, 2021.Full Notice
02A notification regarding the examination for BBA (Honors) in Aviation Management for the 4th year 2nd semester, 3rd year 2nd semester, 2nd year 2nd semester, and 1st year 2nd semester of the year 2022.Full Notice
03Notification regarding the publication of the final consolidated results of the 2nd semester examination for the Post Graduate Diploma in Theatre and Media Studies for the years 2020 and 2021.Full Notice
04Notification regarding the publication of the consolidated results of the 2nd year Degree Pass and Certificate Course examinations for the year 2021.Full Notice
05Notification regarding the distribution of provisional certificates and mark sheets for the Masters Final examination of the year 2020.Full Notice
06Revised center list for the 3rd year (Geography) practical examination of the Degree Pass for the year 2021Full Notice

About National University in Bangladesh

The National University of Bangladesh, popularly known as “NU,” is a parent university of Bangladesh established by an Act of Parliament as an affiliating University of the country to impart graduate and post-graduate level education to the students through its affiliated colleges and professional institutions throughout the country.

It is the third-largest university in the world, according to enrollment. The headquarter is in Gazipur, on the outskirts of Dhaka.

National University was established as an affiliating University for general education at the graduate and postgraduate level in colleges/professional institutions in Bangladesh.

More than 2.8 million students (Male 1.5 and Female 1.3) are studying in 2300 colleges/institutions (Government 275, Non-government 2000; Honours 770+, Masters [both preliminary and final] 145; Women’s 123) affiliated to this university.

The main aims and objectives of establishing the National University is to modernize and improve the curriculum and syllabus at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels of college education, improve the quality of teaching and increase teachers’ training and qualifications. In short, its aims and objectives are as follows:

  • To grant and cancel the approval of the college.
  • To determine the curriculum for teaching in universities and colleges.
  • To arrange teaching and research in the university’s fields for development, dissemination, and advancement of knowledge in the University and College.
  • Taking tests and publishing results.
  • Issuing the of Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates and Marksheets and Transcripts, etc
  • Awarding honorary degrees or honors to a person in exceptional cases as per the constitution
  • To provide diploma and training to any person who is not a college or university student
  • To inspect the college and its affiliated offices and hostels.
  • Necessary collaboration with other universities in 10 countries and universities and academic institutions outside the country.
  • Recognition of the commendable contribution of university teachers in the field of education and research Introduction and award of medals and prizes for the achievement of students
  • Establishment and maintenance, expansion, consolidation, and consolidation of museums, laboratories, libraries, workshops, schools, centers, and other institutions per the Statutes and University Regulations.
  • Provide training for teachers.
  • Claim and collect the fees prescribed by University Regulations
  • To receive grants or scholarships from any local or foreign person or institution to develop and expand the quality of education in universities and colleges.
  • Publication of books and journals for the improvement and progress of teaching and research.
  • To achieve the best in education administration management and higher education through the use of information technology
  • Improving mental and physical development among the students of the affiliated colleges of the university through co-curricular activities.

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