NU Result 2024

Students enrolled in the Honours, Degree, and Masters programs at the National University of Bangladesh can now view their exam results online from results nu ac bd

The Official National University Result Website is NU-Result serves as an informational portal for the Result Publication System of the National University in Bangladesh.

Typically, the National University of Bangladesh publishes examination results for Honours, Degree, and Masters courses within three months. Students can conveniently check their results either online through the university’s official website or offline via SMS.

To view their results on the National University’s official result publication website, students are required to provide their roll number, registration number, and the year of passing.

For the most recent and accurate details about NU Results, it is essential to visit the official old website nu ac bd result . There, students will find all the necessary information, including announcements of results and step-by-step instructions on how to access their results, complete with marks or CGPA.

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The Student of National University of honors/degree/master program, now can view the exam result from online. The result is available on Both Online and Offline (SMS) Method. Students will be able to view the result from result website or by sending an SMS.

About National University Result

“NU Result” refers to the examination results of the National University of Bangladesh. The National University, one of the largest universities in Bangladesh, offers various undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional programs. The results are for students enrolled in these programs, covering Honours, Degree Pass courses, Masters, and other professional courses.

The National University of Bangladesh publishes its exam results on two main official websites: This site serves as the primary portal for accessing current and past results for various programs like Honours, Degree, and Masters courses offered by the university. Recently, They have change this link from to This website focuses on the most recently published results, ensuring timely updates of the outcomes from exams conducted by the National University.

To check their results, students can visit these websites and enter their registration number, exam roll number, and the academic year. The results page typically provides detailed information, including mark sheets, CGPA, and other indicators of academic performance.

The release of these results is significant for students as it represents the culmination of their hard work and academic endeavors during the semester or academic year. The results are used for progressing to the next level of their study, graduation, or other academic pursuits.

What Results are available to View

At the National University of Bangladesh, students can access a wide range of examination results across various academic programs. These include:

Honours Result

  1. First Year
  2. Second Year
  3. Third Year
  4. Fourth Year
  5. Consolidated

Degree Result

  1. First Year
  2. Second Year
  3. Third Year
  4. Consolidated

Master Result

  1. Masters Preliminary
  2. Masters Final
  3. ICT Course
  1. Professional Courses
    • Aeronautical
    • Aviation Management
    • BBA (Professional)
    • BEd (Professional)
    • BEd (Honours) / MEd
    • BFA
    • BPED / MPED
    • BSED / MSED
    • CSE / MCSE
    • ECE
    • Journalism
    • LL.B Part-1
    • LL.B Final
    • LIS
    • MACPM
    • MBA
    • PGD Courses
    • THM
    • TMS
  2. On-Campus Courses
    • LIS: Batch-1
    • LIS: Batch-from 2
    • Advanced MBA
    • MAS
    • M.Phil
    • Ph.D
  3. Rescrutiny Result

These results are available on the National University’s official website. Students can check their scores by entering their respective roll numbers and other required details on the university’s result portal. The website provides a comprehensive platform for students to access their academic performance across different years and courses. For more detailed information and to check your results, visit the National University’s official results page.

How to View the Natioanl University Result

Students have multiple options to view their NU Exam Result; they can access it online, receive it via SMS, use a dedicated Results APP, or obtain it directly from their College

To view your National University (NU) exam results, start by visiting either or On the homepage, navigate to the “Result” section.

Choose the type of exam result you’re seeking, such as Honours, Degree, or Masters. Select the relevant year or part of your program, for instance, 1st Year or 2nd Year. Then, enter your Exam Registration Number and the Exam Year.

Complete the process by filling in the Captcha Code and clicking on the “Submit” or “Search Result” button to view your results..

To view your National University (NU) results, follow these step-by-step guidelines:

Online Method:

  • Visit the official results website of National University: or
  • On the homepage, look for a section or menu labeled “Result.”
  • Select the type of exam result you are looking for (e.g., Honours, Degree, Masters).
  • Choose the specific year or part of your program (e.g., 1st Year, 2nd Year, etc.).
  • Enter your Exam Registration Number and the Exam Year.
  • Fill in the Captcha Code as displayed on the screen.
  • Click the “Submit” or “Search Result” button.

Your result will be displayed on the screen. You can print or download the result for your records.

SMS Method:

  • Open the messaging app on your mobile phone. Compose a new message in the following format: NU [Course Short Code] [Your Roll/Registration Number]. For example, if you are checking the Honours 1st Year result, type: NU H1 [Your Roll Number].Send the message to 16222.You will receive an SMS with your result.

Please note: The Course Short Code varies depending on the program and year (e.g., H1 for Honours 1st Year, H2 for Honours 2nd Year, etc.).

These steps will help you access your National University examination results. Remember that during the result publication period, the website might experience high traffic, which could lead to slow response times. If you encounter any issues, you may need to try again later. For SMS method, standard messaging rates may apply.

Here’s a more detailed guide on how to view your results from the National University of Bangladesh’s official result website:

Visit the Result Published Website

  1. Open Web Browser: Launch your preferred web browser on a computer or a mobile device.
  2. Navigate to the Site: Type in the URL in the address bar and press Enter. This will take you to the official result portal of the National University.

Selecting Result Type

  1. Homepage Overview: On the homepage, you’ll see different sections or tabs for various results – like Honours, Degree, Masters, etc.
  2. Choose Your Program: Click on the relevant section that corresponds to your course or program.

Entering Personal Details

  1. Result Page: Upon selecting your course type, a new page will load asking for specific details.
  2. Filling in Details: Here, you need to enter:
    • Roll Number: Your unique examination roll number.
    • Registration Number: The registration number provided by the university.
    • Exam Year: The academic year in which you took the exam.

Submitting Information

  1. Check for Accuracy: Before submitting, ensure all details are correct to avoid errors.
  2. Submit Button: Click on the ‘Submit’ or ‘Search’ button to proceed.

Viewing and Understanding Results

  1. Result Display: Your academic results will be displayed on the screen. This usually includes:
    • Subject-wise Marks/Grades: Detailed scores or grades for each subject.
    • Total Score: Aggregate score or CGPA.
    • Qualifying Status: Whether you have passed, failed, or need to reappear for any subject.
  2. Interpreting Results: Take your time to carefully understand each aspect of your result.

Additional Actions

  1. Print/Download: Options to print or download the result are often available for record-keeping.
  2. Further Information: Look for additional links or notices for detailed mark sheets, re-scrutiny application, or supplementary exam details, if applicable.

In Case of Discrepancies or Issues

  1. Accuracy Check: If your result isn’t displayed, recheck the entered information for errors.
  2. University Contact: In case of unresolved issues, use the contact information on the website to reach out to the university authorities.
  3. Departmental Assistance: Visiting your department or academic advisor can also help in resolving issues.

Staying Updated

  1. Regular Visits: Keep visiting the website for any new updates, especially in cases of delayed results or post-result announcements like re-scrutiny or supplementary exams.


  • Reliability: Always rely on the official website for accurate and updated academic results.

This comprehensive guide should help you navigate the process of viewing your results on the National University of Bangladesh’s official result website. Remember, the university’s website is the most authoritative source for all result-related information.