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Nu Collegewise Result 2024. The National University of Bangladesh offers a Collegewise Result Portal that enables users to view the performance of students from specific colleges across various exams and programs. This system groups results by college rather than by individual students, providing a comprehensive overview of a college’s academic performance within the National University system. The results cover a range of programs, including honors (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Year) and Masters Final Year, and are valuable for academic planning, resource allocation, and improving educational quality at both college and university levels.

To access these results, visit the official Collegewise Result Portal. The portal is designed to be user-friendly, allowing for quick access to results from different years and programs by simply selecting the appropriate link. It’s a crucial tool for colleges and students alike, offering a straightforward way to check academic outcomes and assess overall performance.

The Collegewise Result System has been an integral part of the National University’s efforts to streamline academic result dissemination since 2006 for Honours programs and 2007 for Masters programs. It supports various courses including honours, degree, masters, and professional programs, organized by college. Users need to input the college code, program type, and exam year to view results, simplifying the process of tracking academic success in a structured manner.

This portal underscores the National University’s commitment to transparency and academic excellence, providing a pivotal resource for academic management and quality enhancement across its affiliated colleges.

How to view the result

To view the collegewise results from the National University of Bangladesh, you can follow these straightforward steps. This process will guide you to access the results for various programs and years offered by the university.

  1. Visit the Official Portal: Start by navigating to the official National University Collegewise Result Portal-
  2. Choose the Program: On the portal, you will find links for different academic programs and years, such as Honors 1st Year, Honors 2nd Year, Honors 3rd Year, Honors 4th Year, and Masters Final Year. Click on the program for which you wish to view the results.
  3. Enter College Code: Once you select the desired program, you may be prompted to enter specific information such as your college code. This code is essential for accessing the results specific to your college.
  4. Select Exam Year: You will also need to choose the exam year for which you want to see the results. This helps in narrowing down the search to a specific academic period.
  5. Submit Your Query: After entering all the required information, submit your query. The system will then process your request and display the collegewise results for the specified program and year.
  6. View the Results: The results will be displayed on your screen. You can check the performance of students from your college in the selected program and year. These results are usually grouped by the college, allowing for an overview of the college’s academic performance.
  7. Optional Steps for Further Analysis: Depending on the portal’s features, you may have options for downloading the results, viewing more detailed analytics, or comparing results across different years or programs.

Remember, the Collegewise Result System is a valuable tool for academic planning and analysis, providing insights into the educational quality at both the college and university levels. If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, the National University’s official website may have contact information or a help section to address your queries.

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