Masters Final Year Result 2024

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SMS Format: NU [space] MP [space] roll/registration no
Example: NU MP 5858875
Send it to 16222 for latest published result.

Masters Final Year Result

The National University (NU) has announced the Masters Final Year Result for 2024, The result is available for viewing on June, 2024 accessible online and via SMS. To check online, visit, enter your registration number, complete the captcha, and click “Submit” to view your result. Alternatively, send “NU MF [Roll/Registration number]” to 16222 via SMS. After accessing your result, download the marksheet for future reference. Students seeking re-evaluation should contact their institution’s examination department for guidance on the process. Stay updated through official channels for any announcements. Best wishes to all students awaiting their results!

To access your result and download the mark sheet, follow these simple steps provided here.

How to Check Masters Final Year Result from Online

  1. Visit the Official NU Website: Navigate to the National University’s official result portal at
  2. Enter Information: Locate the designated field for entering your registration number. Input your unique registration number accurately.
  3. Complete Captcha: As a security measure, you’ll be prompted to complete a captcha. Follow the instructions to verify your identity and proceed.
  4. Submit: Once you’ve entered your registration number and completed the captcha, click on the “Submit” button to access your result.

How to Check Masters Final Year Result by SMS

  1. Compose Message: Open the messaging app on your mobile device.
  2. Format SMS: In the message body, type “NU MF [Roll/Registration number]”. Make sure to replace “[Roll/Registration number]” with your actual number.
  3. Send: Send the composed message to the designated NU result service number, 16222.

Masters Marksheet Download

Upon viewing your result online, you’ll have the option to download the marksheet. Look for a print button or link provided on the result page. Click on it to save the marksheet to your device for future reference.

Re-evaluation Requests

If you’re considering a re-evaluation of your result due to discrepancies or dissatisfaction, reach out to the examination department of your respective institution. They will provide you with the necessary information and guidance regarding the re-evaluation process, including any associated fees and deadlines.

Ensure you stay informed about any updates or announcements regarding re-evaluation procedures from the university authorities.

By following these steps, you can efficiently check your Masters Final Year Result for 2024 and take necessary actions accordingly. Good luck!

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