Masters Preliminary Result 2024

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SMS Format: NU [space] MP [space] roll/registration no
Example: NU MP 5858875
Send it to 16222 for latest published result.

Masters Preliminary Result

The National University (NU) has announced the Masters Preliminary Result for 2024, which can be checked online or via SMS. To check online, visit, input your registration number, complete the captcha, and click “Submit” to access your result. Alternatively, send “NU MP [Roll/Registration number]” to 16222 via SMS.

Once you’ve obtained your result, consider downloading the marksheet for future reference. Students seeking re-evaluation should contact their institution’s examination department for further guidance. Stay informed about any updates or announcements through official NU channels. Best of luck to all students awaiting their preliminary results!

To view the Masters Preliminary Result, follow these steps:

How to View Masters Preliminary Result at Online

  1. Visit Official Website: Go to
  2. Enter Details: Enter your registration number accurately into the provided field.
  3. Complete Captcha: Verify your identity by completing the captcha displayed.
  4. Submit: Click on the “Submit” button to proceed and view your result.

How to View Masters Preliminary Result at Online by SMS:

  1. Compose Message: Open your messaging app.
  2. Format SMS: Type “NU MP [Roll/Registration number]” in the message body. Replace “[Roll/Registration number]” with your actual number.
  3. Send Message: Send the SMS to 16222.

Upon completion of these steps, you should receive your Masters Preliminary Result promptly. If viewing online, consider downloading the marksheet for future reference. For any queries or re-evaluation requests, contact your institution’s examination department. Stay updated with any official announcements from NU regarding the result. Best wishes for your result!

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