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GPA Calculator

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General Guidelines for Using the GPA Calculator

Open the GPA Calculator:

Access the GPA Calculator on your web browser.

Initial Setup:

The calculator will initially display six rows for entering your subjects, credits, and grades.

Entering Subject Details:

In each row, enter the number of credits for a subject in the “Credit” column.

Select the grade you received for that subject from the dropdown menu in the “Grade” column.

Adding More Subjects:

If you need to add more subjects, click the “Add Subject” button. A new row will appear for you to enter additional subject details.

Removing Subjects:

If you added extra rows by mistake or want to remove the last subject row, click the “Remove Subject” button to delete the last row.

Resetting the Form:

To clear all inputs and start over, click the “Reset” button. This will remove all existing rows and revert to the initial six rows.

Calculating Your GPA:

After entering all your subjects, credits, and grades, click the “Calculate GPA” button.

The calculator will display your GPA in the “GPA” section below the form.

Review and Adjust:

Review the displayed GPA to ensure all entries are correct.

If needed, adjust any incorrect entries and click “Calculate GPA” again to update the result.

Tips for Accurate Calculation:

  • Ensure Accuracy: Double-check that the credits and grades you enter are accurate.
  • Understand Credit Impact: Remember that higher credit subjects will have a larger impact on your GPA.
  • Use Consistent Grades: Make sure you select the correct grade corresponding to your performance in each subject.

By following these steps, you can effectively use the GPA Calculator to determine your GPA based on your academic performance.

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